It is always easy for anyone and everyone to advise or talk about values in politics, but unfortunately nobody till date has got to the real crux of this matter. On a broader perspective, we need to understand that actually it is not the system that lacks values but that the people who make the system are the ones who lack them. Rember! A system is as good or bad but what have the leaders done to the democratic principles of governance? One should think in this direction and then draw any vvlid conclusions. Frankly speaking what is missing today is not a sound system but sound principles in our leaders. An ideal leader is one who thinks, “As I do so shall others do” If they imbibe this value then they would be more careful in what they do. Today, the need of the hour is to have an attitudinal change in the people who govern, because ultimately all efforts at cleansing the body politic of these illnesses have to begin with value based conduct by the leaders at the top. Only then will our dream of a clean and efficient system get fulfilled- Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji. Kind Regards! Sunder Thadani. in Mumbai


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