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It’s all personal choice, religious or political. All culture changes over time because people change the way they do things. The farmer goes to the city. The wife goes to work. You want to give thanks for life so you burn a basket of food, or you light a candle, or give food to the starving, there all personal choices.

You think because you don’t go to church, you have established a utopia of personal freedom. You go to work, people pay you, you buy food and feed your children and so does 80% of the population around you. Why not work a farm and feed your children or hunt and gather? You belong to this culture where people have faith is payment as a means of exchange. If you give up this faith, you will suffer social exclusion. Its personal choice, the same choice made by many people. It works pretty well, just as religion did in days gone by. But this capitalist life also has its dissenters and victims.

Both good and harm can be done when people come together to change the world. You think you stand outside religion but you do not stand outside of a belief system. Look at what you wear and look at what your friends wear, it a type of uniform, you live in a culture, you conform. If your ideas lasted a thousand years, others would be condemning you and your culture.

You want to point the finger of blame at religion as if it’s a set of rules that you now reject and call into question. You are not outside it; you are just expressing its core assumptions, trying to restore it to its radical self. If your ideas get any traction, you will just continue the evolution.

You are the blind leading the blind.
Kind Regards!
Sunder T


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