This is me, urownmaninmumbai, IN
This is me, urownmaninmumbai, IN

can result in a compromised immune system and subsequent health problems Sunderblogger.003

Stress signs:
(irritability, depression, heart palpitations, fatigue, compulsive eating’s,
unexplained anxiety, insomnia and body aches and pains).
Source of stress:
environment (noise, pollution, world events)
Our Personal lives
(work, family, relationships, peer pressure, finances, social events, deadlines);
our physical health:
(illness, poor nutrition, ageing, injury, lack of exercise)
our thoughts
(negative emotions –anger, guilt, grief, trauma and obsessive thoughts),
Stress becomes a negative event when the situation appears dangerous, painful or unfair and we don`t have the resources to cope. Too many negative events experienced over a long period of time.
Solution for managing stress
(1) Practice physical and mental relaxation technique;
(2) Eat a healthful diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains
(3) Drink plenty of water
(4) Exercise regularly
(5) Laugh often

Self-hypnosis is an excellent technique for alleviating stress-related conditions
such as headaches, insomnia, nervous tics, nail-biting, anxiety and high
blood pressure. Medication, visualization and deep breathing are relaxation
techniques that help the body recovery physically and emotionally from the
harmful effects of stress. You need a getaway form stress in order to recharge
and retune your life.
Best Wishes!


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