About. I am netizen since 1999. Since 1954, I am staying in Mumbai, the magnificent city of more than
17 million people clustered within an area of 437 square miles radium (7 islands duly connected with
each other. Four hundred years before this land was purchased by Portuguese for about 7 UK pounds.
This land was given in dowry to English King Edwards. Today the same land is costing 1000 more and
is getting costlier by the day. English being official communication medium, doing business is a sheer
pleasure. Mumbai can claim to be most modern city, with latest infrastructure, and with cheapest
public transport, and hardworking and friendly citizen, it is high time you should have a base for
your goods and services. You ask me anything, because I know this city as palm of my hand. I am
urownmaninmumbai. Kind Regards!. Sunder T


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