India: Prime Minister India, Nehru was adored by the masses, yet there were not a few Indian who would have loved to see him pulled down from his high pedestal. India`s great land is littered with those from whose eyes peeps out envy. Where is that mother`s son in India who doesn’t like to do things behind the back of someone else? The father, given a couple of drinks, begins to speak ill of his son, and the son, after the same treatment, returns the compliment with compounded interest. It is always: “He is a good fellow, but……” Have you ever seen an Indian who, speaking of a compatriot, however good or grand, does not come out with the famous “but”? Praise is only reserved for the dead, who can never enjoy it. For the living, purring must alternate with clawing. What you yourself hear is untrue; what you hear through the ears of others, friends or foes, is equally untrue. What are you to believe? Let an Indian talk on; don’t interrupt him; just watch his eyes, and they will tell your everything.  Kind Regards. Sunder T (will continue in next). 20160123


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