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Fantastic, it will be said. Not quite. Take, for example, the most noted Indian of his day- I mean Nehru. His fundamental reaction to life and thought patterns was Western, particularly British, ye he was no more an Englishman than I am the Kahn of Tartary. He was a complex personality, and affords the best example of contention. Nehru could identify himself closely with almost every type of Indian: he felt with the Naga like a Nage: with the Brahmin like a Brahmin: with the Muslim like a Muslim: with the untouchable like an untouchable: yet at heart he was non of these. What he was, you can be sure, he himself did not know. He has deep urges and large dreams that`s all. Here was our typically complex and contradictory Indian.
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Indian mindset


The happiest are those who live with their own selves- PP Wangchuck
One of the things we need to realise early in life is that if we dont respect ourselves, nobody will. The idea of self-respect is a positive one, and it goes well with the time-tested adage. Clarity being at home. Respecting yourself means you are being good to yourself, and a good person can`t but be good to others.
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India is the most fantastic of lands. Here everything grows in profusion but nothing really flourishes. Sooner or later- rather than later- dry-rot sets in.
What I mean to say is that the fruits of India appear wonderful, so tempting that they make one frantic to have them, yet, when tasted, they are found to be without savour.
Why is this so? To answer this question properly an attempt must be made ast self-analysis. I have tried to look at my country-barring the primitive tribes and peasantry, who demand and deserve seperate studies-from two points of view, from within and from without. I say no more than I have found. As Tagore put it, “those that love have a right to chastise.”
Sunder Thadani