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India: Chai Pe Charcha: 20160525.
You can now direct your grievance to the Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) in case your problem is not getting resolved despite calls made to the customer service. The CGSI will structure all such complaints and present them together to the service delivery organization.
Call on (tollfree no.) 1800 222 262 or mail to to register your complaint.
According to chairman Sitaram Dixit, “We are thinking of an out-of-the box solution. Consumers who are fining it difficult to have their complaints addressed, we will address it for them. One problem can be faced by multiple people. We will put the same forth to the industry people for a policy change if possible”.
Sunder Thadani, reproduced in the interest of public reading.




Heart palpitations, tremors, insomnia or unexplained fatigue may well signal overstimulation, just as confusion, unusual irritability, profound lassitude and panicky sense that things are slipping out of control are psychological indications. By observing ourselves, looking back over the changes in our recent past, we can determine whether we are operating comfortably within our adaptive range or pressing, its outer limits.
Having done this, we can also begin consciously to influence it- speeding it up or slowing it down- first with respect to small things, the micro-environment, and then in terms of the larger, structural pattern of experience. We can learn how by scrutinizing our own unpremeditated response to overstimulation.
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Sunder Thadani from Mumbai


As the biggest economy in Europe, the German businesses see the long-pending free-trade agreement as the key to more growth. The GDP growth in Germany is expected to be 0.8 per cent this year [while India is expecting GDP growth to 7.5 per cent]. German visitors, especially Phillip roesler, cice chancellor of Germany feel that something big is in the works. and Germany is willing to bet big on India again.
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India: Gender violence and discrimination is one of the symptoms of a social order riven by conflict, injustice and insecurity. While we demand justice and demonstrate our anguish, we must not lose sight of the broader, long-term goal; to create conditions where woman and men can work together towards a just and equitable social order.
Kind Regards
Sunder Thadani