Apart from audio and video codecs for Windows, Linux, Mac, consoles and mobiles, http://www.afreecodec.com, features a collection of  freeware applications that are bound to make your multimedia usage easier. And yes, if you need some help, do avail of the codec and video support on offer here. (This is  a public document from Sunder Foundation, a NGO, based in Mumbai, for creating awareness to DigiEdu4all. It is online, fee free, anywhere, anytime. For any details, kindly contact: DigiEdu4all



when one criticizes you, it teaches that no two people are alike. When someone breaks your heart, it teaches you that loving someone does not always mean that love will come back to you the way you want it to.
Best Wishes


Maxims for Life:
Success is less about luck and more about practice.
* What you give away comes back to you in a river.
* Money is the inevitable consequence of value delivered to other human beings.
* To have what fes have, do what few do.
* Think for yourself.
* Being happy makes you more productive, creative and exceptional.
* Don`t be selfish. Too many people think that`s cool It is not.
-Robin Sharma
Kind Regards.


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Socialisms is often populism in disguise, and populism is still popular. Fuel subsides, commodity trading bans and directed lending are not much better. They have the objective of protecting the poor, but the middle class benefits more. Though petrol and diesel prices have been aligned to market rates, removing other energy subsidies is a must to ofor improving power supply. The campaign against socialism does not mean that empowerment programmes need to be discarded. Instead, these programmes should be run better. But socialism, as policy, should be recognised as passe. Kind Regards!