The happiest are those who live with their own selves- PP Wangchuck
One of the things we need to realise early in life is that if we dont respect ourselves, nobody will. The idea of self-respect is a positive one, and it goes well with the time-tested adage. Clarity being at home. Respecting yourself means you are being good to yourself, and a good person can`t but be good to others.
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Maxims for Life:
Success is less about luck and more about practice.
* What you give away comes back to you in a river.
* Money is the inevitable consequence of value delivered to other human beings.
* To have what fes have, do what few do.
* Think for yourself.
* Being happy makes you more productive, creative and exceptional.
* Don`t be selfish. Too many people think that`s cool It is not.
-Robin Sharma
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Socialisms is often populism in disguise, and populism is still popular. Fuel subsides, commodity trading bans and directed lending are not much better. They have the objective of protecting the poor, but the middle class benefits more. Though petrol and diesel prices have been aligned to market rates, removing other energy subsidies is a must to ofor improving power supply. The campaign against socialism does not mean that empowerment programmes need to be discarded. Instead, these programmes should be run better. But socialism, as policy, should be recognised as passe. Kind Regards!



This is me, urownmaninmumbai, IN
This is me, urownmaninmumbai, IN

can result in a compromised immune system and subsequent health problems Sunderblogger.003

Stress signs:
(irritability, depression, heart palpitations, fatigue, compulsive eating’s,
unexplained anxiety, insomnia and body aches and pains).
Source of stress:
environment (noise, pollution, world events)
Our Personal lives
(work, family, relationships, peer pressure, finances, social events, deadlines);
our physical health:
(illness, poor nutrition, ageing, injury, lack of exercise)
our thoughts
(negative emotions –anger, guilt, grief, trauma and obsessive thoughts),
Stress becomes a negative event when the situation appears dangerous, painful or unfair and we don`t have the resources to cope. Too many negative events experienced over a long period of time.
Solution for managing stress
(1) Practice physical and mental relaxation technique;
(2) Eat a healthful diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains
(3) Drink plenty of water
(4) Exercise regularly
(5) Laugh often

Self-hypnosis is an excellent technique for alleviating stress-related conditions
such as headaches, insomnia, nervous tics, nail-biting, anxiety and high
blood pressure. Medication, visualization and deep breathing are relaxation
techniques that help the body recovery physically and emotionally from the
harmful effects of stress. You need a getaway form stress in order to recharge
and retune your life.
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Diversity at the workplace has led to an increase in interaction between colleagues on the opposite sex- so much so, that these spouse, if you will. Having a work spouse is more than simple jokes and fun, as they are uniquely bonded individuals who can relate and provide blog support during stressful times. Even tough by pure definition days, it just seem to make eminent sense to have a purely platonic girlfriend or boyfriend at the office work, work-spouse relationships are platonic. It`s the latent possibility for hanky panky that makes relationship experts wary of such associations. It is too easy for any boy-girl kind of relationships to morph into a dangerous affair.
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