The happiest are those who live with their own selves- PP Wangchuck
One of the things we need to realise early in life is that if we dont respect ourselves, nobody will. The idea of self-respect is a positive one, and it goes well with the time-tested adage. Clarity being at home. Respecting yourself means you are being good to yourself, and a good person can`t but be good to others.
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Diversity at the workplace has led to an increase in interaction between colleagues on the opposite sex- so much so, that these spouse, if you will. Having a work spouse is more than simple jokes and fun, as they are uniquely bonded individuals who can relate and provide blog support during stressful times. Even tough by pure definition days, it just seem to make eminent sense to have a purely platonic girlfriend or boyfriend at the office work, work-spouse relationships are platonic. It`s the latent possibility for hanky panky that makes relationship experts wary of such associations. It is too easy for any boy-girl kind of relationships to morph into a dangerous affair.
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One of the favorite sports of India`s middle classes is bureaucracy bashing. It is an easy game to play and can be quite a lot of fun. Everyone has their favorite, outrageous story about an encounter with the bureaucracy. The inefficiency, corruption, insensitivity, stupidity and Kafkaesque circularity of bureaucratic procedures and rules are legendary. That India`s bureaucracy is one the most stifling and difficult to deal with has now been revealed in a survey. Over a thousand expatriate business executive rated India`s bureaucracy the most annoying in Asia.
The problem with India is no, as we in the middle class imagine, that we have too many idle and corrupt bureaucrats. The problem is that we have too many rules and regulations and too few officials to implement and monitor the regimes, and bring to book those who flout the rules and regulations. As India`s population grows, the disequilibrium is only going to grow: more rules and regulations to be applied to more and more people by a bureaucracy that is not high enough.
A conclusion: either we expand the bureaucracy or else the government will gradually wither away to the point that India will join the ranks of failed states. That would be a calamity for the Indian people.
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Finding Happiness: The only formula for happiness is to manage problems rather than forget about them. Problems are created by man but not by nature.Because according to nature, problems ar nothing but challenges. Whe you call a problem a problem, it seems to be an evil, but when you call it a challenge, it becomes a useful part of life, something that spurs your intelligcual development. Kind Regards! Sunder TImage