India: Virtual Reality- It is all about strapping a headset and  being transported into a differenct world for an immersive experience.  This technology is slowly picking up in India. Internet adoption shop up in the `90s after FrontPage was released. This made easy for anyone to create web page. One needed conten-enablers for any technology to pick up. New startup compnay known as Merxius has created realSim Editor, or RED, a general purpose tool for virtual reality. Simply put , anyone who has a 3D model can import it into this platform and in  one click, can get virtual  reality (VR) out of it. It is like Photoshop but for virtual  reality. With RED, anbody can VR. The RED tool is currently being tested by the Indian Armed Forces to create a training module for engine mainetance. A mobile application through is prepared, which, when the camera is pointed at a compnent, it would give animations overlaid with step-by-step augmented instructions on how to repair the manchine.
Sunder Thadani. 20170113.